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Bubble wrap is a transparent plastic material made out of polyethylene employed to cushion or protect packed goods. The bubbles in the plastic sheet are spaced in a regular way. Projecting air-filled humps, the "bubbles", produce lightweight cushioning for valuable or delicate items.

The bubbles that provide the cushioning for fragile objects are normally available in different sizes, depending on the size of the object being packed, as well as the level of cushioning protection needed. Before you choose your bubble-size we should inform you that (in exhaustive tests) we have found that popping the sheets with smaller bubbles is often much more satisfying than the big ones!

Manufacturers of bubble bags include:

Eco friendly alternatives

Plastic and polythene packaging are often considered less green than their glass or paper-based alternatives. Plastic and polythene packaging are actually one of the greenest forms of packaging and helps cost-effectively expand shelf-lives and reduce wastage of food and other perishables. Did you know for instance that:

  • Plastic packaging has a very low carbon footprint compared to glass and paper requiring only a tiny fraction of the energy they need to produce
  • Polythene is significantly lighter than glass and paper and so results in significantly lower carbon emissions when transported
  • Plastic packaging can be recycled, cheapily and easily and requires less energy to do so than paper, card or glass

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Research and resources

For more detailed information cushion bags including how they are manufactured and the different types of packaging products available, please see:

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Because bubble wrap makes a recognizable "popping" sound when compressed and punctured, it can be used as a source of amusement and to alleviate stress. Acknowledging this alternative use, some websites provide a "virtual bubble wrap" program which displays a sheet of bubble wrap that users may "pop" by clicking on the bubbles.

"Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day" is celebrated on the last Monday of January.

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